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Fill up your water bottle yourself and save!

  • Sales of distilled water

    To better serve you, Vaporel offers you 2 free water services 24 hours a day. Bottle yourself. You have the option to use change or the Vaporel card to save money.


    We offer:

    • Various related parts and accessories, a great variety of containers (4 or 7 liters), water dispensers (some with taps that can go in the fridge), porcelain containers with stand, pumps for bottles, bottle holders, filtration systems, residential distillers (see for any other product related to water).
    • A wide selection of refrigerated water fountains, stainless steel or real yellow birch cases, etc. Our showroom offers very competitive prices (lower than superstores) the Thermo Concepts products (Quebec products), most of them with a 5-year warranty on the compressor ( see
    • A water cooler repair service.
    • A Fountain and Water Plan: with the purchase of a weekly 18 litres filling at the self-serve, get a free cooler rental (see store for details).
    • Various parts and accessories for water coolers (cleaning or disinfecting agents for coolers, taps, splashproof caps, cup dispensers, cups, etc.).
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