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Welcome to Vaporel Plus

Since 1995, the family business Vaporel has successfully developed a unique expertise and customer service. Vaporel strives for excellence by offering you quality products and services.

For your convenience, Vaporel offers among other things:

  • A water delivery service.

  • NEW: 2 24-hour water self-services through automated teller machines. The 2 self-serve water machines accept credit, debit cards, bill or cash. Get economies of scale with the VAPOREL prepaid water card and access our self-serve vending machines 24/7. If you do not have a VAPOREL card, you can purchase one for $3.00 at our vending machine.


  • Large selection of refrigerated drinking fountains (Quebec product).


  • Various accessories and parts for water coolers (such as taps, safety taps or valves, paper cone cups, cup dispensers, cleaning or disinfecting agents).


  • A variety of containers, like 4 litres, 7 litres, 11 litres or 18 litres. Fill your water bottle yourself and save!


  • A large selection of accessories related to water, such as pumps for bottles, a variety of containers with taps, bottle holders, bottle covers, porcelain jars (see

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Purity on this polluted planet!

Water is source of life and good health. Make sure to drink quality water by choosing Vaporel.


Distilled water is condensed by vapor, that is to say that it is gathered in a tube and is cooled down. The vapor recondenses and becomes liquid. Our high quality equipment allows us to produce a superior quality water, exempt of all contaminants.


Do you want to make your life easier? We deliver 11 and 18 litres distilled water bottles to the homes and businesses located within the Outaouais region and the National Capital Region.


Our customer service is our pride. We strive to always satisfy you, to advise you and offer you quality products.

Our customer service is our pride.


We strive to always satisfy you, give you the best advice and offer you quality products.

Water coolers
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Take advantage of our delivery service!

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214 boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau, QC, J8Y 6S8


Delivery- 819-772-8832

Administration- 819-772-8427


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We produce, bottle and sell our own distilled water. Take also advantage of our delivery service!

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We sell water coolers by Thermo Concepts

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